As a principal, Mr. Pinter is responsible for establishing the design direction of the company.  Mr. Pinter will organize, on each project, the interdisciplinary coordination required to maintain production schedules and quality design, within the project cost limitations.  He is also responsible for, along with his partner, the managing of the day to day business affairs of the firm.

Mr. Pinter's 38 years of experience include the managing and design of residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional facilities.  Suc­cessfully completed buildings include single and multi-family residences, office-warehouses, office buildings, shopping centers, su­permarkets, banks, cold storage plants, manufacturing, and health care facilities.  His involvement with these projects has extended from the in­ception of the idea to the final completion of the building.

While working on the different projects listed above, Mr. Pinter has become thoroughly familiar with Building Codes, Product Specifications, and Construction Procedures.  At the forefront of his experience is the preparation of preliminary construction cost estimates.

Mr. Pinter's background, with the many different types of buildings and con­struction types listed above, has allowed him to develop an expertise in reviewing and evaluating building and roof systems.  To compliment his background and experiences, Mr. Pinter has attended many seminars on roofing systems and building design which aid him in the review and evaluation process.

Email at jpinter@novagroupinc.net


P R O F E S S I O N A L   P R O F I L E

Registered Professional Architect
Missouri, Illinois, Nebraska, Tennessee, Kansas, Ohio, Iowa, Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Maryland
National Council of Architectural 
August 1985
Registration Boards (NCARB)
Washington University in Saint Louis
Bachelor of Architectural Technology
Meramec Community College
Associate of Applied Science in
St. Louis, MO
Architectural Technology, 1972
BURSI (Better Understanding
December 1978, May 1996
Roofing System Institute) Seminar 
Mini-BURSI Seminar
March 1987
1990 BOCA Code Seminar 
March 1990
1993 BOCA Code Seminar
May 1993
1996 BOCA Code Seminar
February 1997
1988 Life Safety Code Seminar 
August 1991
2000 Life Safety Code Seminar
October 2002
2000 International Code Seminar
April 2002
2003 International Code Seminar
November 2004
2006/2009 International Code Seminar
November 2009
Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
LEED AP Certificaiton June 2009
2009 LEED Acreditation Exam Prep
April 2009