Lake St. Louis, MO

Nova Group, Inc. was invited to participate in the renovation of the existing Emergency Department at St. Joseph Hospital West. The program includes adding four (4) Treatment Rooms that would be used primarily for pediatric patients but would be flexible for use with the adult population if required.

Utilizing concepts found in “Evidence Based Design” the Treatment Rooms are set up to be identical for ease of use by the staff. The colors are soothing for patient friendly implementation of services. The staff station is open for ease of circulation and patient communication. Lighting is a “Direct/indirect” design to ease glare found in direct lighting.

In addition to the above described remodeling, work was also undertaken in the Patient Reception and Triage areas. Three (3) private triage areas were created where none previously existed. A new Reception Area was also designed utilizing soothing wood tones and soft lighting.

Completion Date:  April 2010
Construction Cost:  $630,000

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St. Jospeh Pediatric Emergency