Troy, MO

Nick Telowitz teamed with the Lincoln County Health Department throughout the design process to create a flexible 10,500 S.F. building plan to meet their program.  A building committee comprised of representatives from each department met regularly during all phases of the design process providing the valuable input necessary to result in a custom design tailored to meet their needs

Owner and Architect also teamed with the local U.S.D.A. Rural Development funding program enabling the financing plan for the project.  Maintaining a close Owner-Architect working relationship from design through the construction phase was a key component to the success of the project.

As a result of expanding program needs the Lincoln County Health Department teamed with Nova Group, Inc. to develop a Phase 2 Expansion.  The $2 million two-level 10,700 s.f. addition/renovation project is currently under construction slated for a Spring 2009 completion.

Completion Date: Spring 2009
Construction Cost:  $3,500,000

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Nova Group Inc | Lincoln County

Nova Group Inc | Lincoln County